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Violin-Memory Enterprise Flash

Violin produces the most reliable and fastest Solid State Storage arrays on the planet. Violin Memory arrays are not just SSD (Solid State Disk) emulated mechanisms, instead they are based on a “built from the ground up”, architecture specifically designed to address the well documented challenges of working with NAND flash memory. As a result of this and the strategic partnership with Toshiba, these arrays deliver the industry’s lowest (TCM) total cost of memory, providing more than than 80% savings in cooling, power and space as compared to traditional disk storage system with analogous performance capabilitiy.

IDS is Violin's Australian distributor for the full suite of solutions, providing full end to end sales and support services to our reseller and customer network.

Violin-Memory products offer the next level of RAS - Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) with the following capabilities that outstrip the competition:

  • Unmatched Scaleability – Truly Linear capacity and performance growth
  • Fastest I/O performance of the Industry ->1M IOPS & 4k with 500us latency under load
  • High redundancy, right down to the NAND flash chips – 99.999% reliability
  • Ultra-green power consumption – up to 98% savings in power to deliver same performance
  • Irresistible price performance – lowest industry Cost per IOP


With a design that is optimised specifically to deliver sustained ultra-low spike-free storage access, Violin Memory arrays are unique in the ability to deliver this performance under any mix of workload - unlike SSD and PCIe based solutions, this also extends to write heavy workloads! The range of connectivity options available make the array’s extremely flexible and capable of seamless integration with any existing data centre network:

Connectivity options:

  • 8x 4/8Gb/s Fibre Channel
  • 8x 10Gb/s Ethernet for iSCSI and soon FCoE
  • 8x 40Gb/s QDR InfiniBand
  • Combinations of these connectivity options is also possible!


Violin-Memory currently have two product lines which consist of the v3000 and v6000. The v3000 solution combines a clustered pait of Violin-Memory gateways, each of which can hold up to 4 Violin Memory Arrays.The unique architecture of these systems means that every single LUN on the array can deliver the full performance potential of the system which for a v3000 is up to 800,000 IOPS and 4GB/s bandwidth and for a v6000, 1,000,000 IOPS and 6GB/S Bandwidth. LUNs can be an size, from 1GB to the full capacity of the array!

Violin-Memory’s vShare software enables all of the features that we have come to expect from storage arrays, all without impacting the principle goal of delivering storage at ultra-low latencies.

  • True Active-Active multipathing support – use native O/S multipathing tools with no special drivers required.
  • Simple LUN masking for fast provisioning
  • Thin shapshots and snapclones enable full performance without production impact (2H 2013)
  • Thin provisioning without performance penalties (2H 2013)


Violin’s specifically designed architecture means that all of the problems with the traditional approach to flash that most vendors are taking are removed. That is that instead of taking a 3rd party SSD with someone else’s controller and crowbarring them into a shelf designed with HDD’s in mind, Violin have designed and built every layer of the system to work specifically with standard NAND Flash chips from Toshiba.

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